The chemical engineers act from the creation up to the development of a product in industrial scale. They have an active participation in our everyday life and are responsible by the revolution of modern age.

[Source: PUC – Rio. Department of Chemical Materials Engineering].

Where are you right now when did you stop reading this article ? Lying in your bed ? Sitting in a chair of a clinic waiting for your turn? In the bus on the way to college? Look around : Can you see the touch of chemical engineers in this room you are right now?

Look at the stew of you chair or the seat of your chair, or the couch, they are made of fibers that were developed by chemical engineers ; these professionals are the responsibles  by the synthetic production of these products .

These fibers, that are inside plenty of objects we use in our everyday lives, are often used in the bullet proof vests that police officers use, for instance. Remark, in the buses and other vehicles the painting they use also has a touch of the chemical engineers. Look the cars that composes the traffic, some of them, are moved by the burning of ethanol or gasoline; in these fuels, is possible to see the work of chemical engineers, that work with unit operations to optimize the columns of distillation to recover the hydrated ethanol or the anhydrous ethanol (increasing the gasoline octane). We still have in this scenario a chemical engineer acting in the petrochemical, making possible the production in large scale of gasoline, diesel oil and rubber, present in the tires of vehicles and even in our shoes.

If this clinic that you are is a medical one, you should know that it’s used a special kind of material called radioactive isotopes developed by chemical engineers. These ones are intended to be used to monitor the organism, in the identification of blocked veins and arteries. Besides that, we have the biomaterials that are also present in the artificial organs, the prostheses, and the administration of medicines in an appropriate way, for example.

Still in the clinic, the recepcionist attends everyone with a large smile with a red lipstick and her eyes highlighted with shadows of different colors and other different kinds of make-up (who knows).  In this, there is also the presence of the chemical engineer, who operates in the cosmetics industry. Still in this industry, we have the use of nanotechnology so dominated by these professionals.

Look to the sky, to the rivers and lakes; Are they clearer today? There is also the action of the chemical engineer, who looks for ways not to harm the environment, thus acting in green engineering, using raw materials from renewable sources, treating waste and effluents.

As if all these achievements were not enough, the chemical engineer is responsible for the production of fertilizers, which allows the increase of the production of the food that arrives at our table; And they are still responsible for the treatment of the water that we drink day after day.

Entrepreneurship, interdisciplinarity, commitment, self-control and versatility are the foundations that make chemical engineering professionals the main characters of the revolution of the modern era. They are the reason for all the technological advancement that we are able to see, feel and enjoy.


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Jéssyka Jennifer Miranda Corrêa
Trainee of the academic sector of BetaEQ and student of UFVJM.