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Startup brasileira de comunicação e ensino específicos em Engenharia Química.
We will revolutionize the Chemical Engineering World.

From the blog number 1 of Chemical Engineering in Brazil, the startup BetaEQ's mission is to revolutionize the design and specific content transmission of Chemical Engineering from the selection of BetaEQ representatives throughout Brazil. By 2019, we have a vision to be a world reference in the global scenario of Chemical Engineering. In addition to our recognized portal content, our portfolio covers the execution of virtual and actual events, lectures, workshops and more. BetaEQ also organizes the main non-online virtual event of the area: the Brazilian Week of Chemical Engineering. Hire BetaEQ and make your event a worlwide reference in Chemical Engineering.


    Dreams are doors. Attitudes are keys.


    Thinking is the greatness of man.


    No one is successful alone.


    We make it happen.

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O Portal de Conteúdo número 1 de Engenharia Química no Brasil.


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