Through all BetaEQ’s lectures, in more than three years of existence, we asked our participants: what’s the salary of a chemical engineer? This simple question it’s very important and appears, sometimes, to be a mystery for all of us.

Fact is that the answer to this question is not simple. Much less can be considered an exact science. There’s no way to establish a number because the chemical engineering professional can do many functions inside the job market and each one of them its remunerated in a different way. Recognized by CRQ-V region, there are 16 attributes, been each one of them dismembered inside countless positions.


According to the third largest portal of positions in Brazil, the average wage of a chemical engineer is found below. However, BetaEQ insists to judge it.

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According to Catho, the average wage of a chemical engineer in Brazil it’s R$ 5.848,61. However, we should analyze the image above in general. The definition of what we make is much wider them what’s explicit. In the series Chemical Engenharia, you can see it clearly (altogether will be 17 videos ). Access the BetaEQ’s Channel on Youtube to have access to all the videos.

Adding to that, only 6 jobs are explicit as related to chemical engineers (we guarantee here that the real number would be more than 60, ten times more, with absolute tranquility). Among the explicit jobs in the article, we will highlight one in the same site: the job of chemical analyst.

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Notice how the salary wage drops increasingly. Nowadays, many companies are offering “Chemical Analyst’s” positions, even that many times what is expected is the full knowledge and complete notion of processes: skills only provided by an excelent chemical engineer. It pays much less than usual and still the workload, pressure and others are the same. It’s up to the organs and associations that represent us like CREA, CRQ, ABEQ and many others to fight for our rights.

However, let’s analyze now typical cases of inicial salaries for chemical engineers.

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The image above was taken of the PCI contests site related to the tradicional contest for Junior Processing Engineer . The value for sure variates from each announcement and we believe that in a future Petrobras contest, these values will be reviewed. With the crisis, BetaEQ recommends that everybody who wants to pass in a Petrobras contest don’t focus only on that. We can never stand still. Be prepared, study, but search other paths as well. Try to stay tuned to the big variety of options our profession offers.

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The image above was taken from the “Correio Web” site and it refers to a DF forensics expert contest  with an initial salary of more than R$ 16.000,00. Many chemical engineers nowadays dream of working in this area and BetaEQ will offer a virtual contest with this subject. Stay tuned to BetaEQ!

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In the official site of the Currency House you can see how chemical engineers remuneration varies with each job offered. A superintendent today earns more than R$ 21.000,00. It’s always good to remember the superintendent positions, management, directory or even in the case of a senior engineer, work time and, above all, the results reached through this journey are crucial factors to reach the best remuneration.

Let’s see now the biggest job’s site in latin america, the “Vagas.com”. The salary wage for chemical engineers according to “Vagas” site is:

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In front of everything that has been elucidated here, we can never forget the academic career. For that, off course, you need vocation to. Teaching is to inspire and to become a bad professor is to provide a non ideal future for brazilian chemical engineering. For BetaEQ there isn’t a more important profession in the planet than to be a chemical engineer teacher.

We know that the masters scholarship offered today are very small compared to the values written in the image above. However, we can secure that the best employed professionals and mainly, with doctorate, are very well paid. Don’t ever forget that the academic career is an advantageous career, profitable, but above all must be done with passion.

Still, is worthy to emphasize the entrepreneurs in our area. And in this field the risk is linked to the daily basis. Me, for example, I love to entrepreneur (who writes this article is Kaique Santos Teixeira, founder of BetaEQ). Even that it isn’t a lucrative thing in the beginning, if you believe in an ideia and love to do it, don’t think twice. I am a fan of the big entrepreneurs in our field and I take kindly to this rising in the environmental consulting field and the craft brewery.

Another important factor worthy of mentioning is the trainee positions. Even though the salary is below the expected, we should always evaluate above all the career plan offered by the company.

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This is our real salary base and the source of this image is from the site “Guia de Carreira”. We have this values secured by law to do our profession in the best way possible. Excellence is to be BetaEQ. Thank you for your attention!