Extremely important in mechanical engineering, the lubrication has been more and more influenced by chemistry. This happens because of the development of synthetic lubricant oils that are basically vegetable oils with chemical additives that has the goal to increase viscosity, lower working temperature (all lubricants have a working temperature which being outdated entail to loss of it’s characteristics) and increase lifespan of the components.

The said synthetic lubricants results of a chemical reaction of polymerization, the semi-synthetics however are made from the mixture of different bases, minerals and synthetics.

The most important criterion to be observed are the thermic stability and resistance to the means, because the lubricant shouldn’t decompose when exposed to high temperatures and/or chemical products.

A high quality lubricant used in the right application, however, goes beyond that. Tribological solutions suitable to the needs of the processes in the chemical industry prove to add more efficiency and reliability, besides reducing energy consumption.

The operational conditions in the chemical industry are a complex field. Between the challenges found are the extreme temperatures and risk of chemical products interaction of the process and other substances. The chlorine gas, or the gases of the process that contains hydrochloric acid, for example, tend to corrode the plain bearings in screw compressors. That’s why some oils for compressors were developed specifically to acid gases of the process: they contain special additives that protect the surfaces of the lubricated bearings against the corrosive effect of these gases.

Also to gear oils, it’s recommended to complement the lubricants with specialized services. Besides an integral approach of all the components of the gears box – that being, sprockets and gear teeth, bearings, fences -, The Comp Lube Technology includes consults and services in installation of the client. These services can help optimize process conditions, prolong the gaps of maintenance and reduce energy consumption. It’s about an embracing package of services and lubricants that can be adjusted to specific needs of the chemical industry.

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