Founded in 1952, the Belzona is the world leader in innovation of compounds for repairs and industrial coatings. Through massive investments in research and development, the Belzona evaluates and improves it’s line of products continually, to guarantee that solutions for problems driven by market needs be continually developed to exceed the always rising demand of the industries. The polymeric coatings rich in zinc from the Belzona, were developed in a line of products technologically advanced, which are recognized for being leaders of the advanced polymeric systems and engineering maintenance.

Specialized in the conception and fabrication of composite materials of repair and protection coat for machines, equipments, buildings and structures, the Belzona offers the solution for an extensive range of engineering problems and repair situations. From full turnkey systems to simple repairs in situ, the innovative materials provide the response for a variety of industrial questions, including erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion and wear, water and water proofing.

The international headquarters of Belzona and the research and development labs are located in Harrogate, England and also, Miami, United States of America. Corporate desks of Belzona it’s also in, besides Harrogate and Miami, in Chunburi, Thailand. Through the corporate entities and the international distribution network that includes more than 125 countries, Belzona offers cover and support needed around the world.

HITA Trade and Services Inc, founded in 1995, it’s the Belzona Authorized Distributor for Brazil, working with exclusivity since 2008, provides products and services to solve maintenance problems which present in equipments and structures in diverse industries. They act during 24 hours a day, during 7 days a week, with local technical support and “in situ” assistance, in composites repair, “cold welds” and coatings of high performance. Currently, the Hita attends partners and industries from many segments, like mining, steel industry, oil and gas, petrochemical, razor, sanitation, sugar and alcohol, energy generation, food, and others.

General equipment failure due to deficiencies like crossed shafts and damaged threads together with damaged caused by erosion/corrosion, can be very inconvenient for business including downtime and rise of manpower costs. Belzona is continually used to reconstruct, protect, repair and seal general equipments due to the fact polymeric repairs are cost-effective and offers longevity, trust and flexibility not found in conventional repairs. The problems are never the same, so this allows that the company finds specific solutions to customer problems.

For mining, for example, the complications will be in the surrounding of erosion, sinks formation, biodiversity loss and contamination of the water table and surface water by chemical products. With the use of Belzona, many of these environmental dangers can be reduced and frequently eliminated, reducing erosion and corrosion effects, which has been made Belzona the choice for many applications in the industry, mining and extraction, including chemical containment and reconstruction of heavy equipment and machines.

In petroleum and gas industry, since the of 1980, Belzona has offered solutions to the more difficult problems where conventional solutions had failed. Inactivity time in this leading edge technology industry can result in a production loss of millions of dollars. Engineers in the industry, responsible for the specification of materials, are continually searching for ways to reduce costs and increase the performance without sacrificing reliability. Petroleum and gas producers recognize that conventional internal coatings can resist the effects of erosion/corrosion accelerated by the drag of sand at high temperatures and pressure. Belzona 1321 (Ceramic S-Metal) is pointed as a product that resists these dangers satisfying requirements of these companies. The demand for bigger levels of production is attended with systems of coating specialized and resistant to high temperature and explosive decompression that possess proven experience in service.

The Belzona products are separated in some lines. The ones from the family 1000 are metallic polymers; the 2000 are elastomers; the 3000 embrace the membranes; in the line 4000 are the magmas and concretes; coating are in the line 5000 and the technical/accessories devices are in the line 9000, that don’t operate on their own. Some products can be applied in submerged surfaces and in surfaces poorly prepared. Repairs with live leaks are viable, such as the application in surfaces in contact with oil/water. The products can be combined, always with representatives authorization, to then reach one goal.

The catalogue of products is wide and can be used to solve commonplace industrial problems with little stop time, being some maintenances made during operation. The problems are understood by the technical group Hita and by the local consultants so that can rise a solution. The utilization limit of these polymers it’s the imagination and can help make chemical engineers lives much more easy in many acting areas.

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Authourship: Larissa Thainá Feitorsa Monteiro

Student of Chemical Engineer in Unifesspa – Pará