November 3, 2018


Every wednesday, 18:00, a live Webinar, free and with certificate, in  our Youtube channel. Subscribe to our channel, clicking HERE.

BetaEQ Webinar is a king of webconfer in which communication is a via (BetaEQ), so, only the lecturer speaks and the others watch. The interaction between the participants is fundamental and it’s through chat, in a way that everybody can communicate or send questions to the lecturer. The name comes from an abreviation of web-based seminar.

The BetsEQ Webinars are free e they’re teasers of our virtual courses. Access now our Youtube Channel. BetaEQ uses youtube to promote this virtual lectures.

Check it out our first Webinar on Chemical Engineering Amplitude.Se você participou ao vivo, clique HERE and download your certificate.

Our second webinar was about Curriculum Vitae for chemical engineers.

If you participated live, click HERE and download your certificate.

Every wednesday, 18:00, a live Webinar, free and with certificate on our youtube channel. Subscribe to our channel, click HERE.