November 4, 2018

BetaEQ Selective Process Workshop


BetaEQ’s workshops search to insert graduating students of engineer and similar areas in the more diverse real situations in the industry, job market and, properly, specific recruitment preparation.


BetaEQ Selective Process Workshop, edition UERJ (RJ)

Success during a recruitment process depends on a specific preparation for it’s respective fases. In front of that, BetaEQ guarantees that the beginning of the professional insertion starts with BetaEQ Workshop.

Taking as a base, the main selective processes in Brazil, like Ambev, Danone and Schlumberger (or the company of your choice), the workshop has been lined in specific for the technology area.

Group presentation during a BetaEQ Selective Process Workshop, edition UFSJ (MG)


1) CURRICULAR SCREENING – Curriculum Vitae and Presentation Letter

1.1) CV individual assembly
All participants will receive a blank paper and will assemble your own curriculum. The curriculum vitae model presented is referent to the biggest curricular platform of the world.

1.2) General Assembly of a presentation letter
Presentation letter definition and general suggestions to assemble them.

1.3) Explication on the recommendation letter
Recommendation letter definition and suggestions for orthography revision.

Oratory Orientation for a BetaEQ Selective Process Workshop participant, edition UFSM (RS)

2) TIME OF TRUTH – Group dynamic and manager interview

2.1) Simulation of public individual presentation
Around 10 people are chosen to present in front of the audience and an evaluation is disseminated to the participants.

2.2) Simulation of a group dynamic in a big multinational 
All participants are divided in a 5 people group and participate of a real dynamic.

2.3) Best ways to behave in the final fase – manager interview

Ministered by Kaique Santos Teixeira, founder and president director of the startup of communication and teaching BetaEQ. Vast experience with interview to students and chemical engineers through all the national territory at BetaEQ – almost 1000 curriculums and presentation letters received over two years.

BetaEQ Selective Process Workshop, edition  UNOCHAPECÓ (SC)


  • WORKLOAD (sugested): 8 hours;
  • INVESTMENT (by subscription): R$ 50,00;
  • PARTICIPANTS LIMIT (by class): 50 people.

All payment structure (subscription area with payment possibility via credit card or ticket) even the elaboration and send of certificates is BetaEQ responsibility. Special prices for contractors (companies, student entities, universities and others) who wish to make a total investment for the class. Spending with airline tickets and lecturer accommodation are agreed in partnership.

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